Sunday, 27 February 2011

First World War Project

More from our ideas into action project. I'm focusing on trench warfare. I've been making frequent visits to the Imperial War Museum and the Hunterian Musuem for first hand drawings. I've also been working on some of my own concept art at home. More to come soon.


  1. Great stuff man! That war surgery sculpture at the Hunteraian's amazing (if a little grotesque). I went there at the weekend, it's gotta be one of the best museums I've seen, incredible stuff! Disappointed Joseph Merrick's skeleton wasn't there, but the receptionist told me where to find him (London Hospital, Whitechapel - if you're interested). The Irish giant made up for it though, truly surreal. Thanks for the tip-off, I'll return the favour if the oppurtunity arises.

    Ta, Spike

  2. Cheers Spike. Glad you enjoyed it.